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Effects of Water Pollution

Water is known as the universal solvent because it can dissolve most compounds. For this reason, surface water pollution is a large concern as it affects humans, the environment, ecosystems and the economy.

If this type of problem continues, more time and work would be in use as cleaning operations are not easy. Also, fumes from surface water pollution can be deadly to human health. Without access to safe, clean water, humans would not be able to survive.

Plants and animals depend on bodies of water for their water source. If this major source is contaminated due to chemicals and solid waste, this is a health risk. Contaminated water is a factor of feather damage as it affects birds from flying.

Ecosystems are ruined by surface water pollution. An oil spill for an example, algae would be contaminated. Fish eat algae and many die of starvation. Now, the animals who eat fish would have problems too. If one species is affected, the whole ecosystem is then imbalanced!

Lastly, surface water pollution has a toll on the economy. Money would need to be spent to clean solid materials from the water, to clean up chemicals and to pay workers. In a few cases, chemicals are impossible to remove from the water. The solution would vary from government.  If sea creatures die, income will be less for workers in the fishing industry. In conclusion, surface water pollution affects life in more ways than we think.

Graph 1: Oil spills are tragic cases where many animals and plants are affected.






Graph 2: Animals lose their lives from being surrounded by contaminated water and starvation. Once a population of an animal decreases drastically, the ecosystem is not even.


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